Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Complete list of activities of the National Naadam Holiday on the 2227th anniversary of Foundation of first Mongolian Statehood, 812th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and 97th anniversary of People’s Revolution of Mongolia.

Saturday, July 7
9.00-19.00: Uriankhai archery, at archery field at the Central Stadium named after D.Sukhbaatar /central square hereafter/

Sunday, July 8
9.00-18.00: Buryat archery at archery field

Monday, July 9
9.00-19.00: Children’s archery at archery field

Tuesday, July 10
08.00-11.00: Four-year-old horse (Khyazaalan) race at Khui Doloon Khudag
08.00: Opening of knucklebone shooting tournament, at knucklebone shooting field at the Central Stadium
08.30: First matches of Archery games at the archery field at the central stadium
10.00: Honorary ceremony for the State Flag Day on the central square
11:00: “Exquisite Mongolia” exhibition of best artworks at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery
13.00-13.30: A ceremony to show respect to the Great Chinggis Khaan Statue and wreath-laying ceremony at D. Sukhbaatar statue on central square
14.00: Deeltei Mongol Festival /Mongolians in Deel/, on Sukhbaatar Square
14.00-16.30: Three-year-old horse (Shudlen) race at Khui doloon khudag
14.30-18.30: Semi-final of National Khana Archery, at archery field
15.00, 18:00: State Grand Honoring Concerts at the Cultural Palace of Ulaanbaatar
20.00: A ceremony for the Great White Banners at State House and on the central square
22.00: ‘National Pride’ concert on the central Square

Wednesday, July 11
08.00-11.40: Stallion horse race, at the Khui Doloon Khudag
08.00: Semi-final of knucklebone shooting tournament at knucklebone shooting field at the Central Stadium
11.00: A ceremony to place the Great White Banners at Central Stadium
11.10: President of Mongolia officially opens Naadam Festival and pay respect to the Great White Banners, Central Stadium
11.20: Grand Opening of the National Holiday-Naadam Festival (on special program) at Central Stadium
11.30:Official opening of knucklebone shooting, at knucklebone shooting field, Central Stadium
13.00-17.00: Wrestling tournament, round 1, Central Stadium
12.30: Semi-final tournament of knucklebone shooting, at knucklebone shooting field
13.00 -16.00: Children’s wrestling, round 1, Central Stadium
13.30-14.00: Show of National Archery, at archery field
14.00: Opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival of Khui Doloon Khudag, at the Khui doloon khudag (on special program)
14.00-17.00: Above five-year-old horse (Ikh nas) race at Khui doloon khudag
14.30-16.30: Final tournament of the National Khana Archery at archery field
16.20-18.00: Children’s wrestling, round 2, Central Stadium
16.30-20.00: Opening of National Khasaa Archery tournament at archery field
17.10-20.00: Wrestling tournament, round 2, Central Stadium
21.00-23.00: ‘Ulaanbaatar Night’ cultural performance, on central square
23.00: Firework displays for Naadam Festival on central square as well as near Bayankhoshuu, Maakhuur Tolgoi and 7 Buudal areas in Ulaanbaatar City

Thursday, July 12
07.00-09.20: Five-year-old horse (Soyolon) race, at Khui Doloon khudag
08.00: Final tournament of knucklebone shooting at knucklebone shooting field
07.00-12.00: Semi-final tournament of National Khasaa Archery, at archery field
09.00-11.00: Wrestling tournament, round 3, Central Stadium
10.00-11.00: Children’s wrestling, round 3, Central Stadium
10.30-12.30: Colt race at Khui doloon khudag
11.20-12.40: Wrestling tournament, round 4, Central Stadium
11.20-12.40: Children’s wrestling, round 4, Central Stadium
12.00-14.00: Final tournament of National Khasaa Archery, at archery field
13.00: Prize-giving ceremony for winners of knucklebone shooting at knucklebone shooting field
14.00-14.30: Eight best archers’ archery show at archery field
14.30-15.10: Wrestling tournament, Round 5, Central Stadium
15.20-15.30: President of Mongolia awards prizes, titles and medals to winners of archery and knucklebone shooting tournaments at archery Field
15.20-16.00: Children’s wrestling, Round 5
15.40-16.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 6
16.10-16.40: Praise-singing for winning horses. President of Mongolia presents gifts to jockey children at central stadium
16.40-17.20: Children’s wrestling, Round 6
17.50-18.50: Wrestling tournament, Round 7
17.50-17.40: President of Mongolia presents certificates and medals to wrestlers with the newly-granted State Nachin (State Falcon) and State Khartsaga (State Hawk) wrestling titles
17.50-18.40: Wrestling tournament, Round 8
18.30-19.00: Children’s wrestling, Round 7
19.10-19.20: President presents certificates and medals to wrestlers with the newly granted State Zaan (State Elephant) title
19.20-19.50: Wrestling tournament, Round 9
19.50-20.00: President presents title, certificates and medals to the winner and runner-ups of the National Wrestling Tournament
20:00: President officially closes Naadam Festival
20.10: Closing ceremony and Parade of Great White Banners back to the State House, (on special program)
21.00-23.00: ‘Mongolian Classic’ evening show on the central square


Friday, July 13, Khui Doloon Khudag  
07.00-09.20: Races of stallion, ikh nas and three-old year old crossbred fast horses
09.00-14.00: Ambler horse show race
10.30-12.30:Races of four-year old and three-year old crossbred fast horses
13.00-13.05: Opening of the festival by U.Enkhtuvshin, Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Committee responsible for organizing National Naadam Festival
13.05-13.20: Cultural performance /on special programs/
13.20-14.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 1
13.30-15.30: Crossbred colt race
14.20-14.30: A ceremony to award certificates to the winner and runner-up, and wrestlers who granted with new titles.
14.30-15.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 2
15.20-15.30: Cultural performance
15.30-16.30: Wrestling tournament, Round 3-4
16.30-16.40: Cultural performance
16.40-17.00: Wrestling tournament, Round 5
17.00-17.30:Praise-singing and awards for the first five horses
17.00-17.50: Wrestling tournament, Round 6
17.50-18.20: Wrestling tournament, Round 7
18.20-18.40: Winning and runner-up wrestlers will be awarded
18.40: Closing ceremony of Naadam festival for horse trainers by Kh.Batbileg, head of sub-committee for horse races.


Khui Doloon Khudag

July 10
12.40-13.30: Performance of ‘Mongolian Horsemen’ equestrian sport                                                                                             July 11

16.00-19.00: Far-distance horse racing
July 11-12
14.50-15.20: Parade of ‘Mongolian Horsemen’ equestrian sport, cultural and circus performances
July 11
14.00: Opening of the Naadam Festival at Khui Doloon Khudag
July 12
08.30-09.00: Parachute landing high-performance
July 13
07.00-18.40: Naadam of horse trainers /on special program/

On the Sukhbaatar Square 
July 6-8                                                                                                                                                                                                10:00-23:00 ‘Munkh Tenger’ Arts and Cultural Festival of Mongol Nations
July 11
18:00 ‘Beautiful Mongolia’ concert by State Morin Khuur Ensemble
July 12                                                                                                                                                                                                 23:00 ‘Classic Mongolia’ gala concert

Grand Theatre of National Art 
July 5-15
18.00: “World Famous National Art” exclusive concert

TumenEkh Ensemble 
July 5-15
16.00, 18.00: ‘Wonderful Art of Mongolia’ national folk art concert

Art Gallery of Union of Mongolian Artists                                                                                                                                      July 10-18                                                                                                                                                                                       09:00-18:00 ‘Beautiful Mongolia’ best works exhibition
Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts 
09:00-18:00 Exhibition of best works from the museums’ treasury fund

Bogd Khan Palace Museum 
July 5-14
09:00-19:30: Exhibition of best works from the museums’ treasury fund

Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery 
July 5-16 
09:00-18:00: Mongolian and Republic of Korean artists’ joint exhibition entitled “Grand Art-10”

Choijin Lama Temple Museum 
July 5-9                                                                                                                                                                                             20:00-00:00 ‘Night Museum-2018’ event
July 9-15                                                                                                                                                                                          20:00-23:00 ‘Secret History of Mongolian National Costumes’ theatre moda fashion show


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